Coordinator: Professor Adamantia Mitsacos,

In the first section of the course, students are introduced to neurosciences and the basic elements of the structure of the nervous system and there is a focus on cellular biology of neurons and on the molecular and cellular brain development. The first section includes: Introduction : Neuroscience history and perspectives – Neuron and glial cell biology – Development of the nervous system.

The second section aims to understand the intracellular communication. ie the mechanisms that are necessary for the transfer of intracellular signals into the neurons and focuses on the physiology of the cellular membrane of the neural cell. The second section includes: Neural cell membrane potential – Passive electrical properties of the neuron – Energy potential

The third section aims to understand trans-neural communication , ie the mechanisms that are responsible for signal transfer between neurons, and focuses on the mechanisms of synaptic transmission that form the basis of processes , such as perception, voluntary movement and learning. The third section includes: Introduction to synaptic transmission – Neuromuscular junction – Ion channels – Synaptic Integration – Neurotransmitter release – Modification of synaptic transmission – Neurotransmitters

The fourth section aims to understand the contribution of the branch of Computational Neurobiology to neurosciences.